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Isra al | on becoming

What has been hardest for you this week?

  • I think what’s been the most hardest part of this week is getting out of my head. I havent been present at all. I am so mentally exhausted this week that I haven’t even been able to do my night time meditations. Recognizing that the source of my exhaustion was the need to control, plan, and know what the outcome of a particular situation; when in reality there is and will never be a for sure outcome that I can control..It’s really hard for me to truly let my guard down. Instead of opening up and letting things just happen (if that makes sense), I try to enforce my version of structure and control; and in the past there have been very few people who stick around to actually take the time to get to know me for me. I don’t believe that it makes me a bad person to be guarded and to be honest I had a small win this week in recognizing some past behaviors that I knew if I want this new situation to work I couldn’t have the same mindset as I did in the past. I’m committed to being my best self and I’m always doing my best to help lift others up as well. One way I’m trying to do that is creating a space where the people around me don’t feel judge for being who they are. Today, I had to set the intention that I am going to change my mindset on how I look at the situation and hopefully I haven’t ruined it by not showing up as who I can really be.

End of the Week Check in 

I feel ready and excited to take on what the future has instore. I’m ready to take on new adventures and to not let my mind get the best of me. 

I need to work on communicating my needs and wants with confidence; and not be so ashamed of having them. 

I forgive myself for not being present. For being preoccupied with the small things and not enjoying the small moments that end up becoming the best memories.

I celebrate my family. They’re my rock. My cheerleaders, my warriors, my tribe. Through thick and thin, water and ice; I know they have my back. So I celebrate them.

I release all the stress of last week and press on to what may come next week.

I trust in God. Forever and Always.

Until next time Readers❤️

Top Played Songs this Week:

I Don’t Know About You- Chris Lane

A Rose is Still A Rose- Aretha Franklin

Exile- Taylor Swift (feat. Bon Iver)

Still With Me- Rebecca Moreland

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