Calm your mind, it’ll be okay

You’ve been running for so long

Stay still with me

Rebecca Moreland

End of the Week Check-in

I feel at peace. In this moment I’m mindful that I have no control over what is going to happen within the next few weeks nor do I have control over what is happening around me. Only that I have control over myself and how I respond.

I need to trust myself more. I know what is best for myself and I need to trust that the decisions I make are the best ones I can make for myself.

I forgive myself for letting small moments go by.. You never know how much time you have left.

I celebrate the fact that that I am able to write and share this with you all. Sometimes I question myself and wonder if this blog is a good idea or not but at the end of the day this blog gives me a sense of expression and freedom; where I’m not judged and for that I celebrate.

I release all thoughts about the past. I can’t change them. I release all my worries for the future; it will come regardless. Today, I choose to live in the moment. I make no promises for tomorrow though. 

I trust that I will continue making mistakes in all areas of my life; friendships, relationships, work and, home. However, I trust that I will continue to show up authentically for those I love and for those I hold close to my heart because this is it. We only have this one life. 

Dear Readers,

   A lot has been going since I’ve done a weekly check-in. To be honest, I’ve let things in my life distract me from sitting down and actually put in the work to check in with myself. The past few weeks have been stressful, lively, and hopeful. I’ve applied to jobs, I have stepped out of my comfort zone on numerous occasions, and I have had great conversations with people who I hold close to my heart. However, in the midst of all this goodness; I neglected to show up for myself in some areas. I was busy showing up for others that I wasn’t taking care of my health; more specifically my mental health. And when that isn’t getting taking care, when I neglect to show up for myself in that way, then everything else slowly starts to fall. I am the type of person who will always put others needs before her own. But I’ve realized that isn’t healthy; there always has to be a balance. This is my intention for the rest of the year and hopefully it will soon be second nature: Bringing and cultivating balance in my life. 

Thank you all for taking the time to read this post. Stay well, check on your loved ones, and have a blessed weekend.

Much ❤️


Top 5 Played Songs this Week:

Overflow- Tobymac

Betty- Taylor Swift 

Mood- 24kGoldn

That’s why I love dirt roads-Granger Smith

 Mala (Remix)- Pitbull, Becky G &, De La Ghetto

Documentaries/Talks to watch:

Brene Brown “Call to Courage” -Netflix 

Minimalism: A documentary about the important things- Netflix

Tomorrow is Promised to No One: What Death Can Teach Us About Love (Jordana Jacobs)- Youtube

What Really Matters at the End of Life (BJ Miller)- TED Talks

Currently Reading:

  1. Everyday Ubuntu: Living Better Together, The African Way by Mungi Ngomane

Title: Sabrina Claudio- Confidently Lost

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