Make yourself a priority. At the end of the day, you’re your longest commitment.


The ending of my relationship was one of the most painful experiences I have ever gone through. And it was the first of many heartbreaks that I would find myself going through over the years. But through the heartbreaks, I knew I had to find my way back to myself again. That is what letting go actually is, a process of connecting back to ourselves. If we are struggling with holding on, it’s likely we are struggling with self-abandonment. You all know that I am struggle with letting go. Why? Because I know that there are parts of myself that I abandoned in order to be what he needed; what I thought he wanted. Everything was about him and I never once stopped to think about what was good for me, what was healthy for me and now I am dealing with that aftermath.

All the energy, and the love, and the focus I had on the him shifts back to the energy, and the love and the focus I have coming back home to myself. Often we have the opportunity to discover new parts of us so that we can heal and emerge more self connected than before. When we struggle with letting go, we are likely struggling with that shift from them to us. From what they did– to how we feel. From what went wrong– to what we need. From where they are now– to where we are now. I am learning that often when we are struggling to let go, it’s revealing the ways we have been conditioned to function around pain. Around endings. Around worth…

When we are holding on to someone far beyond their goodbye, at some point the holding is no longer about them. It becomes the way we learned to hide from our self. And as we connect the dots, and it all starts to make sense, we stop defining our struggle as a letting go. We start defining for what it actually is, finding ourselves again.

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Title inspo: Hard Feelings by Lorde