I don’t regret a single moment spent believing you were right for me.


Rejection: the dismissing or refusing of a proposal, idea, etc.

What I wanted to say and what I was too scared to say is I don’t want you to go. I like you. My feelings for you have progressed. I don’t know what dating you would be like; I don’t know if you even want to go there but I do. I know we have different needs, wants, and living our lives but I believe that is a good thing. I know I ruined it the first time around. I don’t need you to have everything figured out right this second. But I am asking you for a second chance. The rest we can figure out as we go.

Dear readers,

What do you do when your heart is broken? How do you cope with the knowledge of knowing that the person you want to be with, doesn’t see you? How do you overcome the narratives you tell yourself about the situation? Most importantly, how do you let go when every part of you wants to find a way to make it work?


Readers, I know that when someone doesn’t see you, it’s okay to let them go. It’s okay that they don’t see themselves with you. However, knowing that doesn’t make the pain and hurt of rejection go away any faster. I don’t know where to go from here. I have so many questions that I feel are left unanswered. What I know to be true though is that I can’t hold on to someone who doesn’t want to be held. I know that I need to move on gracefully, but that doesn’t mean I won’t feel intense emotion. Moving on means letting go of control, not trying to orchestrate another outcome or try to change his mind. Moving on gracefully is to accept that my destiny is not tied to this person and only time will reveal why.

I’ll tell you all this though, rejection freaking sucks. Finding a way to move forward while still hurting, still picking up the pieces of “what could have been”, takes incredible strength. For all of you who are still putting yourself out there and risking the hurt that comes with opening up; I am in awe of you. It takes incredible courage to keep your heart open in a world that keeps giving you reasons to close it.

Until next time,

Much love


Title inspo: Breathe by Taylor Swift

You know I like you as well but not like that I’m sorry.

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