The light saved me from drowning, but it was the darkness that taught me how to swim.


We as humans crave stability, certainty, and knowledge. I think we often hope that by putting weight to these things, we will experience what we want—comfort and security. To a certain degree, stability, certainty, and knowledge play an important role in our society and the advancement of humanity. Developmentally speaking, we needed a certain amount of these things in order to grow and have the capacity for creativity and play. Now especially if we are in crisis or drowning, finding these things can be key to our well-being.

But what about when we aren’t drowning?

Have we turned into moths, so obsessed with the light that we would rather burn ourselves than experience something new?

If you’re like me, we often prefer to suffer in our certainty than to try something new because while the new thing may offer us something even better than we could ever imagine… it could also lead us to disappointment, rejection, and failure.

But while the light can save us from drowning, it is not the way to live.

We cannot live in fear and expect wholeness.

To me, to truly live means to courageously embark into the darkness, opening ourselves up into the unknown, so that we can experience things more magical than security and comfort… like healing, and love, and connection.  So ultimately, maybe it’s less about creating a life of certainty and more about knowing how to ride the waves of uncertainty when it comes up.

And where you may be so so afraid… well… that is where you lean in for support around you.

Much love,


Title inspo: Clean by Taylor Swift

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